Install and try the scenarios

You can now install a fully functioning version (alpha version!) of the following scenarios and try it yourself:

Please follow the instructions below or watch this video:

Installation instructions:
  1. Make sure that you have installed the latest versions of Java and Netlogo in your machine.
  2. Download the scenario build here and unzip it. (build version 6.1 from 14 June 2020)
  3. Run the Covid Visualization executable that you find inside the folder you just downloaded. When prompted, choose your preferred resolution (but at least 1280×1024) and check the “windowed” box.
  4. Once the app is running, click the Netlogo icon and wait for Netlogo to start and setup.
    • A command box window and the Netlogo interface window will open. Make sure you get the ASSOCC simulation window in front of these.
    • The setup may take several minutes depending on the speed and memory of your computer; remember it is an alpha version! You can follow the progress in the command prompt window that opens.
    • You can set your own port, but it is not necessary, unless you’re using the default port (6674) for something else.
  5. When the list of scenarios appears, choose “Testing strategies” and set your parameters.
  6. You can pause the simulation at any time. The step in progress will run to completion even if paused, but the simulation won’t progress to the next step unless you unpause it.
  7. You can also alter the simulation using the Netlogo interface. We recommend that you do this only if you have some knowledge of Netlogo.
  8. You can also analyse the more detailed graphs in the Netlogo interface.
  9. Exiting the simulation screen will return you to the scenario list. Keep in mind that in this version your simulation progress is not saved.
  10. This is an early test build and it may contain bugs. You can report them to

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