Our book “Social Simulation for a Crisis” is out now

Simulating for a crisis is far more than creating a simulation of a crisis situation. In order for a simulation to be useful during a crisis, it should be created within the space of a few days to allow decision makers to use it as quickly as possible. Furthermore, during a crisis the aim is not to optimize justContinue reading “Our book “Social Simulation for a Crisis” is out now”

ASSOCC session at SocSimFesT 2021

Join us on Tuesday 16th March (9:30 – 12:40 CET) for a session on Modelling for Crises in times of Crisis, as part of SocSimFesT 2021 All information and schedule: simassocc.org/assocc-at-socsimfest2021/ Session organizers: Amineh Ghorbani, Frank Dignum, Harko Verhagen, Fabian Lorig,  Paul Davidsson, Lois Vanhee (correspondence: a.ghorbani@tudelft.nl)

Mathematics vs. social models: how to understand the sociology of corona virus spread

by Prof. Dr. Frank Dignum, Umeå University This week we been able to contribute to the discussion of the usefulness of track and trace apps in the Netherlands. Our results show that by themselves these apps have none or minimal effect on the spread of the virus. Besides all legal, constitutional and ethical issues, theirContinue reading “Mathematics vs. social models: how to understand the sociology of corona virus spread”

Simulation of effect of corona apps

As several other countries, the Netherlands is considering employing track and trace apps as part of the exit strategy for the current coronavirus related strategy. Using the ASSOCC simulation, we have developed a few scenarios to show that in themselves these apps will have minimal effect. A combination of social and technical strategies is needed.Continue reading “Simulation of effect of corona apps”