The reporting app

The app is currently under development and waiting for approval from the ethics research board.

In order to be able to understand the effect of the policies that are being used to contain the spread of coronavirus, we need to have real-time information about what people are doing and what are their  daily movements. This app provides a non-intrusive, voluntary, way for people to provide this information, which can then be used by government and policy makers to extend or change the containment policies

The aim of this app is to collect information from Swedish inhabitants on their daily movements and overall situation. Reporting through the app is not based on any tracking or sensors but on the voluntary filling of a form.

The data will help answer the following research questions:

  • How are people modifying their daily practices, and how this affects behaviour change?
  • In particular, how are individuals introducing the recommendations for social distancing in their daily lives?
  • How are these behaviour changes patterns evolving over time?
  • How does this information relate to the data about spread of the virus according to folkshälsomyndigheten?
Why use the app
  • support research on the effects of coronavirus containment policies
  • get COVID19 information
  • keep track of your movements
Which information is collected

Users are idenfied by an unique code and only postcode is requested from personal information.
The following information is collected at registration:

  • Main Living Address: kommun (postcode)
  • Age group
  • Usual daily routine before coronavirus situation (weekdays): postcode of activity, type of activity (bounded choice), means of transportation (bounded choice), daily travel distance estimation.
  • Healthcare worker (boolean)

The daily self report collects:

  • Current Living Situation (bounded choice: movement, quarantine, self-isolation, hospitalised; and start date)
  • Number of persons in the household
  • Movements outside home today (bounded choice: none, essential shopping, work/school, recreation indoors (e.g. restaurant, cinema, …), gym, recreation outdoors, healthcenter, meeting places (religious, community centers, …)
  • Means of movement (bounded choice: walk, bike, car, public transport…)
  • Work situation (bounded choice: home, office, …
  • Estimated number of contacts outside home (bounded choice: 0, 1-5, 6-20, more than 20)
  • Current COVID19 symptoms (bounded choice: no, mild, severe)
  • Covid19 test (boolean)
  • COVID19 test result (bounded choice: positive, negative, inconclusive)
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