ASSOCC – Agent-based Social Simulation of the Coronavirus Crisis

Understanding the effectiveness of containment policy responses to the coronavirus pandemic by social simulation and social reporting.

The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest crisis in a generation. In their efforts to limit the spread of the virus, decision makers are struggling to balance their responses to the health situation with the needs of societies and economies. The interactions are complex and highly contextual and short-term steps can have large long-term consequences.

The ASSOCC framework provides a tool to experiment and evaluate possible interventions and their combined effects, in a simulated controlled world. It does not reflect any real place or situation, and it does not make predictions. The purpose is to help explore possible different paths ahead of this pandemic.

The simulation

Background and links to the simulation platform

The book

Results and Lessons from Simulating the COVID-19 Crisis. Explores which issues to cover when doing social simulation for a crisis

The scenarios

Some simulation scenarios. Let us know if you would like to see others

About the project

Start date: 16 March 2020

This is a non-funded project. All researchers are contributing their time and expertise for free.


All results are experimental and hypothetical. The ASSOCC framework does not offer any guarantee as to the correctness, functionality, validity or continuity of the models, data, assumptions or simulations of the ASSOCC framework.
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